Here at Sarta&Co we design pieces which are designed to bring joy.

We love sharing this joy with you and are hoping you'd like to spread it even further!

If you are a passionate, fashion-loving content creator and love our clothing, you'd be perfect as a Sarta&Co brand ambassador!


How does the brand ambassador program work?

Our program works on a commission-based approach; we don't want you to sell, sell, sell - this has never been our approach. We want you to create content that is true to yourself whilst promoting clothing and accessories that you find brings you joy!

That way, the selling takes care of itself.

Do I need to have a huge following?

Not at all!

As a small business, we love working with small content creators - we're not pushy on the number of followers you have - we just want you to be your creative and authentic selves to create content that shares some fashion joy!

Which social media platforms are you looking at?

We are mainly focused on Instagram and Tiktok content, but the content you provide may also be repurposed and featured on our website or within emails.

Can I choose the pieces I receive?

Our pieces are all about showing off your personality, of course you'll have some say in the pieces you receive. We'll work together to choose which pieces you'd like, but ultimately it depends on the collaboration and the content required at the time - don't worry, if you're not the right fit for one campaign then you could be for the next!


If you could please leave your name, email and social handles below and a member of our collaborations team will be in touch!

If you have any other questions regarding our brand ambassador program, please contact us at where we'd be happy to help!